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The word “osmyrrah,” which is pronounced to rhyme with “last hurrah,” is a coinage that combines two Greek words, osmee, meaning to smell, and smurna, meaning to mingle with. Joined, they create a word the conveys the sense of “a mingling of pleasant aromas.”

The story behind this word belongs to Noah Adams. In an NPR broadcast, Adams described taking a walk and popping out of the woods onto a hilltop where he was suddenly enveloped by a number of aromas. Lacking a word to describe the sensation, Adams asked his NPR audience to help him find or coin a word. He received a number of responses, and osmyrrah is the one he liked best. We liked it, too.

It's a nice story, but a terrible business name. Having a name that's as difficult to pronounce as it is to spell is a handicap to say the least. Still, we press on.

Osmyrrah Publishing dates back to the early 1990s when it brought out a few books on relationships and self-awareness. That venture did not survive to enter the current millennium. The new Osmyrrah considers fiction its niche.

Our calendar for the months ahead is full, and we are accepting no queries or manuscripts at this time.

Please should you need further information.

Osmyrrah Publishing
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Books from Osmyrrah Publishing

Warrior's Revenge- a Maya Skye mystery. When loss is too great, love can unhinge us all.
Down Dog Diary - a Maya Skye mystery
Book of Mercy - a funny novel about a serious subject: censorship
Maud's House: visit a town that's lost its creativity
WriteTips - helpful ways to make your business writing better
WriteTips - helpful ways to make your business writing better